Any commercial property can benefit from quality landscaping. The exterior of your property provides the first impression for incoming employees, guests, potential clients, and anyone simply passing down the street. You want to make sure the first impression you leave is positive and memorable. A well-maintained landscape demonstrates that you value the appearance and upkeep of your building. This suggests that a person can expect the same care and attention from your products or services. If you are looking for ways to increase your curb appeal, there are many different landscaping elements that can help.

Landscaping to Increase Curb Appeal 

The exterior of your building has an important role to play. Those passing by or entering your building will notice your walkways, lawn, plants or flowers, paint, and cleanliness of the outside. There are several ways to increase your curb appeal, including:

  1. A fresh coat of paint. Paint is a cost-effective way to change how your building is perceived. Cracked, chipped, or drastically faded paint can make your building appear dingy and unkempt. A fresh coat of paint, however, makes your building look newer and clean. 
  2. Power washing. The exterior of your building is exposed to dirt, dust, and pollutants that can collect over time. This can make your building and windows appear dirty and grimy. Regular power washing can keep your exterior clean. 
  3. Lawn care. No matter the size of your commercial property’s lawn, you want it to be green and lush. Foot traffic, animals, and weather elements can all impact the quality of your grass. Dead or yellowing patches can be unattractive. Fertilizing, mowing, and proper watering can keep your lawn beautiful.
  4. Shrubs. Shrubs can add a level of privacy, as well as fill in empty spaces to enhance your curb appeal. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to match your personal taste. Shrub maintenance is relatively minor, often just requiring a good trimming on a regular basis. Trimming helps to keep your shrubs healthy and looking great. 
  5. Seasonal flowers. A flower bed of any size is sure to draw the attention of anyone passing by. Flowers provide a delicate beauty and a pleasing fragrance. There are a variety of flowers that flourish in the spring and summer months that can add a pop of color to your landscape. 
  6. Walkways. You should have a clear, easy-to-navigate pathway for guests to enter your building. A walkway that is free of weeds, cracks, or dirt can increase curb appeal as well as provide a safe path into your building. 

Contact the Professionals

You’ll be amazed at what quality landscaping can do for your commercial property. Curb appeal is vital in attracting new customers to your business. A dedication to maintaining a beautiful exterior can illustrate your commitment to all aspects of your business. Not only can you attract more customers, but your employees will also likely have a larger sense of pride in the place they work. If you want to learn more about increasing your curb appeal, the professionals at 4SYT Industries can help. Contact us to learn more about our various services.  


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