What do your floors tell your customers about you and your business? We all know that dust and debris come with foot traffic, but regular maintenance will help to keep your floors clean and safe. A clean floor shows attention to detail, which is a good first impression for your customers. Regular maintenance of your floors is important to not just keep your floors clean, but to also be aware of any damage, cracks, unevenness, or unsafe surfaces that could cause accidents. Having flooring installed by professionals is an investment that should also be professionally maintained.

Prevent Wear and Tear

One way to prevent wear and tear on your flooring is to place rugs or mats in high-traffic areas. Make sure the rugs are made from breathable material to prevent moisture damage to your floors. Rugs also trap oil, dirt, and asphalt that may come from the parking lot, which will help protect your floors. Use rubber covers on the footing of tables and chairs and protective padding under heavy furniture to protect your floors from sharp edges and unwanted scratches. Always pick up furniture to move it, never push it across the floor.

Different Floors Need Different Cleaners

There are several types of flooring that you can have installed. Wood, vinyl, and linoleum flooring require different cleaners and cleaning tools than tile, stone, or cement flooring. There is also a difference between glazed and unglazed tiles and their needs. Here are a few tips for cleaning your flooring:

  1. Do not use wet or steam mops on wood flooring — it will damage the wood
  2. Use concentrated cleaners with a neutral pH for regular cleaning of unglazed flooring
  3. Use non-oil-based, all-purpose cleaners on glazed tiles
  4. Make sure that your cleaning products are safe for grout cleaning as well
  5. Stay away from abrasive cleaning aids like steel wool or coarse plastic sponges
  6. Avoid cleaners that include acids or bleach
  7. Oil and wax-based cleaners can damage floors or create unsafe walking surfaces

Everyday Cleaning Habits

Dust and debris can build up quickly, and everyday cleaning will help long-term maintenance of floors. Daily sweeping will help remove dust and debris. All flooring should be mopped at least weekly, sometimes more in the winter, depending on weather conditions. Salts used on snow and ice can cause scratches and corrosion of flooring. Depending on the flooring, you must be careful to not use excess water to keep from ruining your flooring. Also, beware of what kind of cleaning tools you are using. Some surfaces require softer tools such as chamois-style mops. And always clean up any spills immediately to keep from permanent stains. 

Facilities Maintenance From 4SYT Industries

If thinking about all of this cleaning makes you tired, 4SYT Industries would love to help you. 4SYT industries provides facility management and flooring is one of our specialties, along with other maintenance, repair, remodel, and restoration services. Contact us  to learn how we can help you maintain your professionally installed flooring and keep it looking new for years to come. 



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